Responsible Tourism

For Kerala Travels Interserve, tourism is more than just that. It is a social responsibility; to the place and its people.

With its deep commitment to Kerala, Kerala Travels Interserve has looked beyond short-term goals, and instead, focused on Social Tourism. The company’s many initiatives reflect this emotion. Corporate Social Responsibility has naturally been on the company’s agenda.


Lullaby@Varkala is another pioneering tourism project that works with anganwadis and facilitates interaction between tourists and locals. It channels the wealth from tourism to uplift children, women, and the weaker sections of the society. The project aims at social and economic empowerment of the people of Varkala via tourism. Clickhere for more project details

For Kerala Travels Interserve, tourism with a human touch is the underlying theme. The company has worked at merging ‘tourism’ and ‘community’, each working with and for each other for mutual benefit.

Thekkady Tiger Trail

Thekkady Tiger Trail was an award-winning tourism program that offered a unique opportunity to local tribesmen and poachers alike—to safeguard the environment they lived in and plundered hitherto. The program takes trekkers into the Periyar Tiger Reserve for a close range view of the tropical forest and its flora and fauna including the tiger and 34 other species of mammals. These trekkers are accompanied by tribals and former poachers, who now work as helpers and guards for the tourists.

This alternative means of living has liberated these former plunderers, in turn ensuring that the ecosystem of the Tiger Reserve remains intact. This path-breaking project was later adopted by the State Govt of Kerala.