Indian Tours

A melting pot of cultures, terrains and people so unique
that you will return again…and again

We, as a land are a living example of unity in diversity – where this diversity goes from castes and religions of the land, to its mountains, valleys, hills and deserts – from lashing rains of the coastal region, to the extreme weathers of the furthermost corners of the country. And Indian cuisine – there is nothing singular about it and it will take a life time to discover and savor.

From the north to south, the east to the west, India encompasses regions that are best explored in their entirety. The north eastern parts of India, which were earlier lost on a tourist's map, is now seeing an impetus like no other. KTIL offers special packages like North by North-east and The Last Shangri-la that takes you to the most exotics spots in this part of India. The North east India shares borders with China, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh and is connected to the rest of India by a 20 km wide 'chicken neck' corridor of land. Its culture and people have assimilated the best of every aspect of its surrounding neighbors. India is a treasure trove of variety – from the freezing deserts of Ladakh and the green valleys of Himachal to the rain forests of the North East – you will find terrain ideal for trekking, mountaineering and white water rafting. Embark on a journey to magnificent palaces and forts in the deserts of Rajasthan with Rangelo Rajasthan, which takes you through the history and culture of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

To experience the best of this, check out our From sun soaked beaches of Goa to palm fringed coastline of Kerala, there is something exotic for every kind of traveler. Indian culture mandates that the guest be considered akin to God. The hospitality in the country is an experience like no other. With strong infrastructure to support it, India is your destination – for holidays, business meetings with a difference or for an unforgettable adventure of a life time.