India West

Winning over the west
You can never get tired of touring India – the expanse of the country is such that you have a vastly different experience in every region and state that you visit. If Western India is where you want to head out to this vacation season, KTIL has some of the best itineraries that are comprehensive and help you discover a place much more intimately.Take in a bit of history and architecture with our guided tours of Ajanta and Ellora – massive cave temples that have carved out of a monolithic mountain rock – all hand made. The paintings that make up these caves are a depiction of the life and the miracles of Buddha. Step into Ellora, and take in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples that stand in harmony next to each other. The Kailasa is the largest, having been carved into the depths of the whole mountain side.
If you are a beach bum, then nothing can beat a trip to Goa – the land of beaches and palm trees. This will be the perfect sun and sand holiday with ample time being given to you to work on that tan. Club this with some good food, great music and a walk down the memory lane of the 70s and you have a holiday that is custom made for you.You could also think of the Land of the Gujjars tour and take in the era that is representative of the great Buddhist Emperor Ashoka. And beautiful blend of history and modernity make up this place.With KTIL at the helm of all the planning, you have nothing to worry about and only need to get ready for a wonderful vacation.

  • In the Land of the Gujjars[ 11 days and 10 nights ]

    Gujarat features in the exploits of the great Buddhist Emperor Ashoka and has the distinction of being an early point of contact with the west, as the first British commercial outpost was ....

  • Fiesta in Goa and Mumbai[ 9 days and 8 nights ]

    Goa, with its 100 km long coastline, is a land of golden beaches and coconut palms. The glorious sun and the golden sands, the peace and the quiet of the virgin beaches, good food and lilting ....

  • Ajanta-Ellora[ Duration: 6 days and 5 nights ]

    Ajanta and Ellora are gigantic cave temples carved out of monolithic mountain rock using traditional tools. At Ajanta one can see paintings on the walls and ceiling of the caves portraying the life and ....