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Description: Enjoy the centuries-old system of Ayurveda treatments this vacation. This is a holiday that can be customized to each person. What you see here is the basic outline, which can be tweaked just the way you want it.

Let us take you into a world of well-being. Feel your body relax gradually, and enjoy treatments in a calm and natural atmosphere. Warmhearted people, healthy Ayurvedic cuisine and palm-fringed beaches await you. This could be the most beautiful vacation of your life.

Ayurveda literally means “The Science of Life.” Beyond the definition for a codified science, it is also the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and healing in an environment that is in harmony with nature. India is blessed with the holy presence of Ayurveda, the ancient system of health care. Unlike traditional medical wisdom of most other cultures, Ayurveda is well-researched and documented, so that uniform treatment practices and explicit guidelines for the content of drugs are possible. The saints of old – including Susrutha, Charaka, Vagbhata, Nagarjuna, Madhava and Agasthya — are deemed to have bequeathed to posterity these extensive texts in the form of concise scrolls.

Ayurveda also leaves options open for research and development, which have led to the discovery of new formulations. Factors such as ideal climatic conditions and growth of the extensive medicinal herbs and plants have allowed the existence of a rich healing tradition in Kerala, the undisputed home of Ayurveda. One can say that today Ayurveda exists in its purest form in Kerala. As a 5000-year old medicine system, Ayurveda offers all-natural treatments and permanent cure for diseases. It is also well-known for its rejuvenating properties for people of all ages. Every year, thousands of people travel to Kerala to experience the magic of Ayurveda and they, in turn, recommend this miracle cure to others.

Kerala Travels Interserve provides two options for the location of your treatment. You choose the setting that you enjoy the most, while Ayurveda cleanses your body and mind. Choose the place where you can relax the most:
Ayurveda on the beach: Kovalam, Trivandrum
Ayurveda in the Backwaters: Kumarakom, Cochin, Trivandrum or Cochin