Kerala Tours

From lush forests to tranquil backwaters,
Kerala is a destination for all seasons

You don't need to wait for the holiday season to plan a trip here. This state has so much to offer, from its northern most beginnings to the gorgeous Cape or the tip of the country with its confluence of three seas.

At KTIL, we understand that Kerala can be experienced in several unique ways and that is why we have our tours created in ways that will allow you to enjoy a vacation just as you would like it. One of the things Kerala is best known for is its Ayurvedic treatments. We take you on customized tours that allow you to take in the sights as well as get the best of treatments based on your requirements.

The cuisine of Kerala is an art unto itself and our culinary tours will allow you to enjoy it at its best. Not only will you try your hand at various savouries, you will also indulge in the best of dishes. Kerala is also about amazing sights of historic and cultural importance. You can opt for the classic Kerala tour, which takes you on a quintessential ride of the state and its offerings. Or you could choose to go with something more specific like the cultural sights or just the northern part of the state. And if you are a beach bum, then Kerala Waterscapes tour is tailor made for you. Not to forget that the state also has an amazing wildlife sighting opportunity and a tour specifically for that is but natural.

Not always will you have the time for an elaborate tour and we know that. That is why at KTIL we also have the Short and Sweet tour that takes you on some of the best sights in the shortest of time, giving you a small vacation you will enjoy.

Come on to Kerala and allow us to plan your holiday. We assure you that you may end up considering taking permanent residence here.