Kerala Travels, Kerala’s pioneering travel company, was founded by Col. G V Raja of the royal family of Travancore, Mr P G C Pillai and Mr S V Pandit.

Col. G V Raja was a well travelled person, with friends across the globe. From his frequent voyages, Col. Raja felt the need for high-quality travel services that would make travelling comfortable, easy and stress-free. And that is how Kerala Travels was born in the year 1959.

Kerala Travels was the very first company in Kerala to offer professional and reliable travel services across the state. And that was not all… The company was also the first to offer tour packages, bring out tourism brochures (first brochure came out in 1962), and organize exclusive services like charter flights and tour taxis.
In 1997, Kerala Travels co-founded Interserve Ltd with an aim to serve as a consortium of travel and tourism agencies. It was formed with the motto “All for one & one for all”. Having witnessed the changes in travel itineraries and preferences, KT understood that every passenger would need multipoint servicing. This is where the Interserve alliance came into play, enabling Kerala Travels to offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences to its global patrons.

Today, Interserve Ltd is present in 122 locations within India and in 85 locations worldwide. It is poised to be India’s largest travel brand!

Kerala Travels came full circle in 2001, when it was registered as a public limited company with Princess Gowri Parvathy Bayi, daughter of Col GV Raja, as Chairperson.

Innovation has been the hallmark at Kerala Travels, and continues to be. It pioneered Polar tours from India, and is, in fact, the only operator in the country to offer tours to every continent in the world! Saura Yaathrika, a space training programme for kids, is an exciting project that takes a step towards space tourism. Kerala Travels has won many an award, including National Awards for Excellence in Tourism.

Having completed 50 years of serving travellers in India and abroad, Kerala Travels continues to be a trend-setter in travel innovation and service excellence.

Proof of history – Brochure printed by Kerala Travels in 1962


Completing 53 years of serving travellers around the world,
Kerala Travels continues to be a trend-setter in innovation and excellence.